Lauri Smith

1-29 October 2018

Unreal Reality

Lauri Smith's solo exhibition, Unreal Reality (2015-2018) contains hybrid sculptures that seem to have leapt out of a science fiction fairy-tale. Her creations combine the anatomy of human and animal forms and are conjured from the realms of her unconscious imagination. The works serve as a portal to an alternate realm where the viewer is prompted to contemplate the blurring of reality and invention.


- Contemporary Art Awards


Unreal Reality (2015-18) is a collection of sculptural pieces that question what we consider human, animal, real and unreal and the fine line that blurs them together. My curiosity towards non-physical forms come from the unconscious imagination and their connection to reality. 

I combine the physical attributes of human and animal forms to bring to life realistic hybrid creatures by using materials that can mimic realism such as silicones and human hair as well as mixing resins and other materials. While each of my works come from a different inspiration they are all linked through my choice of materials and this core concept.   


- Lauri Smith


Rita + Her Pet Jude

Silicone, wire, foam and wood

45 (w) x 60 (h) x 45 (d) cm 


The Secret Conversations of Snow Yaks

Silicone, wire and mohair

40 (w) x 15 (h) x 25 (d) cm


In Essence...

Silicone, resin, acrylic paint and yak hair

30 (w) x 43 (h) x  30 (d) cm 


Fremble...The whole universe is contained within us

Silicone, mohair, and resin

30 (w) x 43 (h) x 30 (d) cm 


The Secret Conversations of Snow Yaks - metal version

Forton MG, metal pigment, metal paints

40 (w) x 15 (h) x 25 (d) cm


The Secret Conversations of Snow Yaks - stone version

Forton MG, metal pigment, metal paints

40 (w) x 15 (h) x 25 (d) cm​


In Essence... - resin version

Resin and acrylic paint

30 (w) x 43 (h) x  30 (d) cm 



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