A Curated Exhibition

A Sense of Wonder

2-30 July 2019

Sharing the same title as its theme, A Sense of Wonder (2019) is an exhibition emphasising the wonders and curiosities that exist around and within us. The visual manifestations presented below have the ability to move us beyond the every day in thought-provoking ways.

The ideas captured in this exhibition range from viewing an ordinary urban backyard with a renewed sense of awe; contemplating the vastness of space; observing nature on a grand scale or in miniature detail; transforming natures objects into playful expressions; whimsical interpretations of special events in our lives; impressions of an augmented reality; the creation of fantastical creatures; illuminating the effects of make-believe and art-making on children or simply portraying the ocean’s gifts that are washed on to land.  

By viewing the world with a renewed sense of wonder⁠, it can offer a simple and innocent fascination with the things that already exist in our daily lives and capable of breathing a new lease on life.

- Contemporary Art Awards

Karen Benjamin, Tom Christophersen, Jeannie DolanMichael Dyson,

Julie HollisLatesha Houston, GWA (Wade Goring), Silvia A Sellitto

Susannah Paterson and Zorica Purlija


Michael Dyson, 'Backyard', acrylic on canvas, 2018

Michael Dyson


Acrylic on canvas

90 x 60cm


GWA (Wade Goring),  'lonesome', giclee fine art print on cotton rag paper, 2018



Giclee fine art print on 310gsm smooth matte cotton rag paper
84.1 x 59.4cm

Karen Benjamin, 'Black Birds', acrylic on seedpods, 2019

Karen Benjamin

Black Birds

Acrylic on seedpods
30 x 30cm

Susannah Paterson, 'Birthday', oil on birch panel, 2018

Susannah Paterson


Oil on Birch Panel  

120 x 70 cm (diptych: individual panels are 60 x 70)


Tom Christophersen, 'Shrooms' - A Portrait of Alice Liddell, 2015

Tom Christophersen

Shrooms - A portrait of Alice Liddell

A collaboration with el throwup

42 x 59.4cm 


Latesha Houston, 'Cosmic Dust', watercolour on arches pape, 2018

Latesha Houston

Cosmic Dust

Watercolour on Arches paper

48 x 32cm 


SILVIA A SELLITTO, 'THIRD-EYED', oil on linen, 2016

Silvia A Sellitto

Third Eyed

Oil on linen

70 x 57cm 


Jeannie Dolan, 'Misty Milford Sound', oil on canvas, 2019

Jeannie Dolan

Misty Milford Sound

Oil on canvas

30 x 30cm 


Julie Hollis, 'Gumnut Blossom', acrylic on canvas, 2019

Julie Hollis

Gumnut Blossoms

Acrylic on canvas

61 x 61 cm 


Zorica Purlija, 'Swimmer', photographic print on cotton rag. 2018

Zorica Purlija


Photographic print on fine art cotton rag 

40 x 60 cm (edition:1/3)