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Paul Hagan

Our Future

2-29 January 2020


Our Future (2020), is an exhibition that features five moving images and seven selected prints. The works represent a postmodernist interpretation of societal growth that appears to be deviating from the norm. For example, the value of money seems to have outweighed more important values such as love. With existing catchphrases such as 'as long as I have money'—now embedded in our collective psyche—this may need to be reevaluated within all generations. Therefore, the exhibition aims to challenge the audience to find ways of creating an overall balanced and healthier progression in society.

The compilation of moving images reflects how attitudes, morals, actions and beliefs about particular issues can influence and distort the overall development of our future whereas the altering of the landscape and city scenes with colour portrays the individuals who lead many of us to adopt these attitudes. Overall, the aim of these works is to highlight matters involving human rights and the progression of our values and standards for our children and future generations, 'what sort of world do we want to grow into'?

- Paul Hagan

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Our Future 

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