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Roger Callen


Roger Callen's exhibition, Intersections  (2019) encompasses landscapes and cityscapes but with an interest in spaces reclaimed by nature. Consequently, Roger creates thought-provoking images using watercolour, gouache and at times collaged elements. 

- Contemporary Art Awards

Our constructed world-view, the consumer techno-culture in which we live, intersects the given world of a universe that has no cognisance of humankind. Most of these works are about that intersection, the interplay of human effort and nature. On this beautiful and unique planet, Blue Earth, nature once ruled. Now we make and change it in our own image and construct our meanings, forgetting our fragility and debt to nature. In doing so we have jeopardised our own future and have an urgent need to redress it, to celebrate the mystery of being and the rise of form. The works are mostly water-based media landscapes on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane some with incorporated found objects, others with abstract elements.


- Roger Callen


Artist Roger Callen, Nowhere to Go, watercolour on arches paper

Nowhere to Go 

Watercolour on Arches paper

52.5 x 41cm 

Artist Roger Callen, Before the Fire, watercolour on arches paper

Before the Fire (Heritage Flour Mill, Albion Station)

Watercolour and gouache on Arches paper

49.5 x 37cm

Artist Roger Callen, Mothers Rebuilding, watercolour and gouache on arches paper

Mothers Rebuilding

Watercolour and gouache on Arches paper
54 x 50cm 

Artist Roger Callen, Botanic Bomax, watercolour and gouache on arches paper

Botanic Bomax

Watercolour, gouache and collage on Arches paper
96 x 72cm 

Artist Roger Callen, Scene through the pipe, watercolour on arches paper

Scene through the Pipe 

Watercolour on Arches paper
25 x 39cm

Artist Roger Callen, Refracted, acrylic on green canson pastel paper

Refracted (through the pipe 1)

Acrylics on green Canson pastel paper
55 x 75cm 

Artist Roger Callen, Absent Bridge, watercolour and gouache on arches paper

Absent Bridge

Watercolour and Gouache on Arches paper
65 x 46cm 

Artist Roger Callen, Sawdust Chute, watercolour, gouache and pen on arches paper

Sawdust Chute (Conondale heritage sawmill)

Watercolour, gouache and pen on Arches paper
50 x 22cm 

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