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Word Inspiration for your Artist Statements

Need some word inspiration when creating an artist statement, your prayers have been answered!

Articulate, Absolute, Absurd, Abandon, Absence, Abstract, Absurd, Access, Accelerate, Accidental, Accomplish, Acknowledge, Act, Activate, Adapt, Adaptation, Adhere, Audience, Advance, Aesthetic, Affect, Affords, Aggressive, Alerts, Allows, Allude, Allure, Alter, Ambiguous, Amplify, Animates, Analogy, Appears, Application, Arrange, Arrive, Articulate, Aspect, Assembles, Atmosphere.

Balance, Background, Belong, Benefit, Bewildering, Between, Blend, Beyond, Blank, Bind, Bold, Board, Bounces, Bright, Brushwork, Build.

Capture, Change, Canvas, Challenge, Caricature, Circular, Complementary, Composition, Conception, Collecting, Collision, Coincide, Complex, Concrete, Confronting, Connect, Connectivity, Consciousness, Consider, Constricts, Construct, Contains, Contour, Contemplate, Contorted, Contemporary, Contradict, Contrast, Convey, Converge, Combination, Crude, Cultivate, cropped, Colours, Compose, comprises, Corrode, Create, Creation, Creature, Culture, Curiosity, Custom.

Dark, Darken, Darkness, Decay, Declare, Deduction, Define, Defies, Degree, Delicate, Demands, Denotes, Departure, Depict, Depth, Descends, Detail, Determine, Deviate, Develop, Devise, Devoid, Dimension, Direction, Directs, Discard, Discuss, Disguise, Discover, Discovery, Disparate, Disparity, Dissolves, Distinct, Dreamlike, Drizzel, Dwelling, Dynamic.

Earthy-tones, Edges, Effect, Elapse, Element, Elude, Embrace, Embody, Embodies, Emerges, Emotion, Emphasis, Engage, Enigma, Entails, Exaggerate, Endeavour, Energy, Enlarge, Evoke, Evidence, Examine, Execute, Exist, Exposes, Expression, Experiment, Exteralising, Extravagant, Exude, Evocative.

Fabricate, Faded, Fantasy, Feminine, Fiction, Figurative, Figure, Figures, Float, Foreground, Force, Form, Formal, Formidable, Formula, Frame, Fracture, Fragmented, Freedom, Fundamental.

Gestural, Gesture, Glance, Glimpse, Glossy, Glow, Grotesque, Grasp.

Haphazard, Harmonious, Hidden, Hue.

Idea, Ideal, Identity, Illusion, Illustrate, Illustration, Image, Imagination, Imagine, Imperfection, Improbable, Imagers, Improvisation, Incandescent, Influence, Intimate, Ink, In-depth, Insight, Instinct, Inspiration, Intentional, Interface, Interlace, Interplay, Introspection, Introspective, Invent, Investigate.

Jagged, Jarring, Juxtapose.

Kinesthetic, Knowingly, Knowledge.

Lace, Life-Like, Layer, Level, Light, Lighten, Line, Linear, Lineage, Linger, Literal, Locates, Loose, Luminosity, Lure.

Magnify, Manifests, Maps, Markers, Mark-making, Material, Meaning, Meaningful, Medium, Method, Mechanism, Merges, Message, Memory, Minimise, Mixture, Modern, Modified, Mood, Moody, Move, Movement, Myth, Mythology, Mystery.

Narrative, Nature, Natural, Navigate, Negative, Neutral, Notably, Novel, Nuance.

Objective, Oblique, Observed, Odd, Omnipotent, Opaque, Opportunity, Organic, Outline, Outright, Overlap, Overlapping.

Paced, Painterly, Pairing, Paint, Painting, Palette, Paradox, Pattern, Peculiar, Perceive, Perpetuate, Perspective, Peripheral, Pervasive, Persuasive, Pieces, Pictorial, Placement, Playful, Posing, Positioned, Potent, Positive, Power, Powerfully, Primary, Principles, Precision, Presence, Prevalent, Process, Produce, Problem, Provoke, Provoking, Protrude, Patchwork, Purpose.

Quasi, Quality, Qualities, Question, Quiet.

Random, Re-creation, Redefine, Reduce, Relief, Render, Regarded, Reinforce, Reimagine, Reminiscent, Relationship, Removed, Repeatedly, Restore, Requires, Research, Resemble, Resolve, Rest, Reveal, Reverses, Rich.

Schematic, Sculpture, Sculptures, Sculptural, Sensation, Sense, Senses, Series, Shades, Shadows, Shapes, Shaping, Shift, Shock, Significance, Signifies, Similar, Simplify, Singular, Spins, Stabilises, Story, Source, Strength, Strike, Striking, Strikingly, Subliminal, Surfaces, Subsequent, Substances, Subtle, Supple, Surprising, Synthetic.

Tension, Texture, Tight, Tones, Traces, Traditional, Transcends, Transforms, Transmits, Transport, Transparent, Transpose.

Underlying, Uniformly, Unintentional, Unsettled.

View, Viewer, Velocity, Veracity, Vulnerable.

Wandered, Washes, Wielding, Whimsical.



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