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Photographing your Artwork: Take your Art to the next Level

For artists who create 2D artworks, it is vital to document and photograph your work well. A great photo can often mean the difference of being accepted into an exhibition, exposure, receiving a grant, or selling your artwork. Accordingly, here are a few tips when photographing your next artwork.

For best results, photograph your artwork outside on overcast days (indirect light is best). Also, if you own an easel, use this to hold your artwork in place.

For photographing indoors - buy two sheets of 6mm MDF or ply (sizes will depend on your artwork), paint them both white. Place one against a wall and lay the other sheet on the floor, then butt the other piece on top. Place your artwork in front (see figure 1).

  • Use a tripod, if you do not own one, make sure you have a steady hand.

  • The angle of your camera must match the tilt of your artwork.

  • Turn the flash off.

  • Crop all your images by using a photo editing software or an app.

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