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Creating a Body of Work

Creating a unified body of work to one concept, idea, topic, subject matter, theme, or philosophy has many advantages. One of the many benefits of producing work of this nature is that it can help achieve conceptual strength and generate multi-layered meanings.The information and experience you gain from investigating a concept in depth within a well-defined set of parameters and from different perspectives, allow you to nuance your compositions more subtly and communicate your ideas in a more compelling way. Therefore, when embarking on a new body of work the list below are points to follow and consider.

  • Develop a concept, topic or theme that you are passionate about.

  • Research your ideas. The more knowledge you gain, the easier it is to make, talk, and write about your work.

  • Evaluate your work often.This process encourages you to deepen your investigation, look at possible new directions, and refine your work as you go.

  • Explore other artists whose practices are similar (investigate how other artists have responded to similar ideas in the past and/or what materials they use).

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