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Points to Consider when giving your Artwork a Title...

An artwork title is the audience's tool to comprehend what they are observing. A great title can help an artwork tell its story, add a layer of meaning, and it can assist the viewer to understand the work better.  Therefore, next time you create a work, think about a title that will help guide the audience's interpretation. Below are points to consider when deciding on a name for your artwork:

  • Think about the meaning of the artwork and how you can convey that meaning in your title, brainstorm a list of ideas.

  • Identify the motivation behind the work.

  • What do you want to communicate to the audience.

  • Consider what the audience needs to know.

  • How do you want the viewer to feel.

  • Have a thesaurus nearby.

British artist, Sophie Calle (1953-) created a series entitled The Chromatic Diet (1998) where she consumed a diet of a single food colour over a six day period. This is an example of how an artwork title can help an audience understand what they are viewing. 

The Chromatic Diet (1998)

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