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  • Julie Rees

Choosing to be an Artist...

Choosing to be an artist is not an easy path but if you wake up every morning with an impulse to create art, and then you have found your calling in life. Although, there are two significant issues that can hinder the artist’s path; these include feelings of failure and self-doubt.

To be a successful artist, one must learn how to deal with these two issues. The problems of failure and self-doubt can be hard to manage but know that these experiences will often lead to a significant realisation about yourself and your art. On the contrary, the problems of success are even more difficult because no one warns you about them. These experiences will most certainly lead you to an important realisation. Embrace these encounters and your art practice will advance and develop. If you are willing to undergo the highs and lows, the fulfilments, and

disappointments that an art career entails then it is worth pursuing.

Following these four rules will help in the journey to fulfilling your path as an artist:

1. Do not give up

2. Celebrate your achievements

3. Listen to your heart and do what you feel is right

4. Ask for help and advice from trustworthy people (teachers, friends, colleagues, etc.)

The following video is reminder to find your own rhythm as an artist.

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