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Written in the stars: Horoscope July 2019

We stumbled on to an astrologer specialising in horoscopes for Visual Artists (she was underneath our noses the whole time).

Aries: Taking a risk with your creations is favoured this month, this could be through a new medium, colour, ideas or size. If you have been pondering on an artistic idea for some period it's now time to action it. Also, approaching your work in a playful manner (even if its a serious topic) could generate some interesting ways of working.

Taurus: This month encourages you to 'carry on' with what you have been doing creatively. Books and writing are favoured this month, you may even receive answers simply through reading or in written form (email, notes, signs etc.), keep an eye out.

Gemini: Promoting your art is advantageous this month. Create a plan and focus on what appeals to people on a street level, keep your promoting imagery simple or semi-traditional and it will catch on; be enthusiastic but not too pushy.

Cancer: This month gathering with fellow artists or finding groups that provide a forum, or workshops is favoured this month. This type of environment is where you can meet new contacts and/or glean new information, this will prove more of a punch than just being on your own.

Leo: Like it or not, the world of commerce and art goes primarily on appearances. Therefore, make sure you leave good impressions upon those whom you wish to find or keep favour. One must feel gifted and lucky because ultimately, you are as successful as you feel. If you are projecting an aura of failure this would attract this very thing.

Virgo: You may be sensing some type of end to a particular part of your art practice. This may be an end of a series or perhaps a particular style. If so, let it go with ease as new ideas and methods are about to enter your sphere. Start the creative process and you will either produce new ideas or transform old ideas into updated concepts.

Libra: This month there seems to be two or more ways of making money. At first glance, these sources may appear conflicting but they are not. Rest assure that these elements are helping you move through a transitional period. The secret is to adjust and respond according to your demands.

Scorpio: Adventure is calling you! This month is a great time to organise and plan for a art residency or a weekend art escape with fellow artists. Placing yourself in a new environment will refresh and inspire your practice. If that is not possible, take yourself on a day trip, paint, take photographs do anything creative.

Sagittarius: This month these is a emphasis on a sound idea being produced or in the making. Although, it is important to keep to your traditional methods there may be something that you are working on that requires a new skill to finalise something, in this case, learn as your go.

Capricorn: Trying to find out how things are going to turn out on a material level is difficult. However, unlike personal matters, money and art depend on many other people. Therefore, using your intuitive sense, that is unaffected by hopes and fears, may be very useful this month but it should only be employed as part of your view or plan.

Aquarius: July brings a wonderful prospect of growth in your art practice. Therefore, it is the perfect month to focus and produce artwork. Anything that creates escapism from the everyday whether it is for yourself or your audience is well starred.

Pisces: Staying positive this month is crucial while making the best out of any unusal situation. Also, improving how you work could benefit you in regards to resources and time. Stay calm and organised until you can see a clear path.

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